Cafeteria / Meal Programs

General Information

All lunches must average 35 % or less in fat and no more that 10 % in saturated fat. Menus are analyzed by the state child nutrition office twice a year. All menu items are prepared using standardized recipes that adhere to all local, state and federal guidelines. Recipes are being modified as new ingredients are added or changed by suppliers. A variety of fresh fruit is available for students everyday as well as tossed salad and a variety of vegetables. A student meal consists of an entrée choice, two fruits and or vegetables, bread and 1% or skim milk. Modifications to a student meal can be made if the child has allergies that prevent them from eating the lunch that is provided.

Meal Prices

Meal Prices Breakfast is free for all Clinton City School students Student lunch full pay - $1.80 Student reduced lunch - $ .40 All others will be charged a-la-carte prices for each item purchased. Parents may pre-pay for their child(ren)meals at any school or go to to set up an account.

Lunch Applications

Free and reduced applications are available for students in the central office located at 300 Westover Road or at the individual schools. Students are responsible for paying for their lunch ($1.80) until their application has been approved for free or reduced lunch ($ .40). ONLY ONE Application is needed for ALL students living in the same household. Please be sure to follow the instructions when filling out the application to avoid a delay in processing the application. All applications must be signed by an adult and have a social security number listed.