Mission Statement:

The mission of L.C. Kerr School Media Center is to promote learning by providing resources to educate students to the highest level of academic performance, to prepare learners for future success, and to cultivate respect for cultural diversity and our community.

Vision Statement:

The vision of L.C. Kerr School Media Center is to allow all users access to adequate resources for self-selected reading, usable technology, and enrichment materials.  In addition, the media coordinator will actively guide users in effective research processes using current and accurate information.


Welcome to L.C. Kerr School Media Center!

The media center is open for users from 7:40am-3:00pm Monday thru Friday. Teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members are welcome to visit and use media resources during regular operating hours.

The L.C. Kerr School media Center operates on a semi-flex schedule. This means that some classes have a fixed time for visiting the media center while the circulation desk stays open for patrons to check out materials throughout the day.

To contact the school library staff, you may call (910)592-3066 ext. 2109

Thank you,
Mrs. Jodi Hall, Media Coordinator

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Summer reading--it's important!

Studies show that kids who read over the summer retain more of what they learn! Find your child's reading level and suggested books to make the most of summer reading!


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